"Cash Me Ousside" Girl Has an Alleged $50K Riding on Her Fort Lauderdale Show

Cash her at Revolution Live.

Danielle Bregoli, whose stint on Dr. Phil went viral last year, is taking her act on the road — specifically, the road to Fort Lauderdale. The Boynton Beach 14-year-old, whose claim to fame is the phrase "cash me ousside, how bow dah," has announced two tour dates: at Broward's Revolution Live July 8 and in Houston, Texas. Sold-out shows will reportedly earn her $50,000 apiece.

The word "tour" implies a performance of some kind. So what exactly will Bregoli be doing?

According to TMZ, it's a three-part act. First, she'll lip-sync and rap to her favorite songs onstage, like the world's saddest version of Trap Karaoke.

Second, she'll field questions in a live Q&A with an audience that's there to mock her to her face. How fun for her.

Finally, she'll invite audience members onstage "to joke around."

This tour is not OK. When rumors of Bregoli performing at Rolling Loud circulated earlier this year, New Times pointed out the obvious: She's a child. Her brain is literally not wired properly yet; kids that age lack the frontal cortex development that's critical in controlling emotional impulses, among other things. The well-being of a thinking, feeling human in one of the most sensitive stages of her life is at stake. From the airplane fights to the bar fights and beyond, Bregoli is clearly not living her dream of fame and success. A recurring nightmare in which laughing masses point at, laugh at, and jeer her can only quicken her tailspin.

Rolling Loud ultimately did not include her in its lineup, but LiveNation, with whom Bregoli signed the current tour deal, is picking up that slack. The company will reportedly add even more dates to her tour if the Fort Lauderdale and Houston shows sell a decent number of tickets.

So, hey, maybe don't buy them? You can stay home and watch that Dr. Phil clip for free and spare its star some dignity in the process.