Choices Cafe Rolls Out New Menu With Lower Prices and Make-Your-Own Options

Choices' veggie burgers
Courtesy of Choices Café
Choices' veggie burgers
Miami's favorite plant-based chain is making some changes. Today, Choices Organic Café is rolling out a new menu at its four South Florida locations.

Customers can expect lower prices, more customization, and a simpler setup. Make-your-own items are now an option, so patrons can select their favorite ingredients.

"The biggest change to the new menu is our Be Choosy section," Choices president Lori Zito says. "This is a fully customizable option that allows a guest to build out their perfect wrap or bowl for $9.50. Guests can choose from a whole-wheat or gluten-free wrap, or a bowl of brown rice, quinoa, organic greens, or nachos. From there, they can top it with their choice of vegan meat, two veggies or grains, and two sauces or cheeses."

For regular customers, popular favorites won't be going anywhere. Items such as the Mental Lentil, Insane Wrap, burgers, and other standbys will remain on the menu. And even if it's not listed, the kitchen staff can still make it happen, Zito says. Weekend brunch will also remain, so guests can still pop in for a Kind Slam or a Tres Cakes pancake breakfast.

"If a guest has had a dish off our prior menu and doesn't see it listed, if they ask for it, we can still make it for them — a secret menu of sorts," Zito says. "We wanted to reduce the items listed on the physical menu so as not to overwhelm first-timers and to be able to steer them toward the dishes that are the most popular."

Zito says the changes were made because the Choices team listened to customer feedback.

"Since we launched our under-$10 menu about a year ago, those items have grown in popularity," she adds. "The new menu will have even more items under $10, and we think our frequent guests will be very happy about the increased options at this price point."