The Five Best Places to Buy Bespoke Chocolates in Miami for Valentine's Day

Beacon Hill's Valentine's Day truffles
Courtesy of Beacon Hill Chocolates
Beacon Hill's Valentine's Day truffles

After New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day tends to sneak up on us. Along with flowers and champagne, chocolate is a traditional way to show your love.

Before you buy that heart-shaped box of mass-produced candies at the drugstore, consider a collection of chocolates made with quality cocoa and the finest ingredients.

We've got you covered with a list of the five best places in Miami to get your special someones the gorgeous chocolates they deserve.
Courtesy of Romanicos Chocolate
1. Romanicos Chocolate
For those who like to think outside the box, head to Romanicos in Coral Gables for the Miami Sushi Box ($39). Tropical fruits, chocolate, and crisp rice are used to mimic the appearance of sushi, but there's nothing fishy about this edible art. Traditionalists, however, can pick up a Valentine's Day-themed box of Alejandra Bigai's famous hand-rolled truffles ($19 to $85) or a selection of nine pretty bonbons ($16).
Courtesy of Exquisito Fine Chocolates
2. Exquisito Fine Chocolates
Exquisito uses ethically sourced cocoa beans and roasts and grinds them in-house, adding only sugar and no preservatives. The factory/shop is based in Kendall (12855 SW 136th Ave., Suite 102) and produces chocolate and marshmallow treats using top-quality ingredients. Treat your Valentine to some gourmet hot chocolate at home by purchasing Exquisito's pure chocolate mix ($11) or hot-chocolate spoons ($5 each). The handmade, individually packaged spoons come in various flavors and are meant to be stirred directly into a hot cup of milk, water, or coffee. Other items available on the brand's website include s'mores, chocolate bars, truffles, and chocolate mixes ($5 to $24).