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The EazyO App Brings Food and Cocktails to Your Beach Chair

Getting food and beverage service at the beach can feel like an impossible mission. Abandoning your towel to sprint across the hot sand for a cold drink is simply out of the question. That leaves flagging down one of the hotel servers who roam the beach across the vast landscape of chairs, umbrellas, and sunbathers. Sure, you could bring beer or water, but what if you really want a frozen rum runner? You're out of luck — until now.

Luckily, a new app called EazyO is here to fix these First-World problems. Just in time for season, Miami’s first phone-to-beach food delivery service will offer customers at select hotels the opportunity to order lunch and cocktails — and even sunscreen — directly from their smartphones for delivery to wherever it is they happen to be soaking up the sun. No more flying flags, scorching your feet, waiting for a check, or standing at an order kiosk.

According to EazyO founder Brett Benza, the app has been designed to help hotels and resorts provide faster, more efficient service to their guests.

"It’s going to work alongside the existing staff to provide a better guest ordering experience while helping hotels increase revenue," says Benza, a veteran in the financial industry with more than 28 years of experience building brands.

To launch the app, Benza has partnered with the Florida-based Boucher Brothers Management. The hospitality management company will bring EazyO services to Boucher Brothers locations at public beach concessions, as well as marquee hotels such as Fontainebleau Miami Beach and the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

"EazyO is going to help improve service in hard-to-reach places like beaches, pools, and golf courses,” says Michael Boucher, owner and COO of Boucher Brothers. "[With this app], guests are in control of the ordering process from start to finish."

Users can download the EazyO app for free and enter their payment information upon registration. The app uses geolocation to identify the closest resort and then provides the menu, photos, prices, descriptions, and average wait time for an order. From there, EazyO pinpoints the guest's location for delivery.

The app also offers a way for users to purchase a variety of items, including beach supplies such as sunscreen and hats, via mobile payments.

"EazyO is service 2.0," Benza says.

Now if you could get the app to rub sunscreen on your back, the world would be a perfect place.