Kith x Cap'n Crunch Pop-Up Shop to Open With Limited-Edition Cereal on Lincoln Road

As we grow up, no daily meal changes as much as breakfast. Once, the morning meal was the domain of cereals that delighted us with mascots — cheeky toucans, cheerful tigers, not-so-scary monsters, and the iconic ship's captain. Cap'n Crunch was introduced in 1963 and, with his trusty companion, Seadog, became every kid's favorite mascot by promising his cereal would be both sugary-sweet and eternally crunchy.

Over the years, Cap'n Crunch has become a favorite stoner food — probably for the same reasons we loved it as kids.

Cap'n Crunch is making a triumphant comeback in the form of a pop-up shop at 721 Lincoln Rd. Beginning Saturday, November 5, at 10 a.m., the Kith x Cap'n Crunch store will pop up for one month only, offering both food and Cap'n-inspired gift items.

The pop-up is a partnership between the cereal brand and Kith Treats, the New York-based cereal bar and café branch of Kith Streetwear.
The shop will offer a cereal bar filled with an original menu of Cap'n Crunch mixes and treats. The shop will also host the debut of Kith Treats' first cereal. Cap'n Kith is a blend of original Cap'n Crunch, chocolatey Crunch, and mini marshmallows. The cereal boxes are individually numbered in a limited edition of 500, so it's a safe bet they'll be more valued for collectible status than for the morning meal inside.
The pop-up shop will also offer an assortment of clothing and accessories, including hoodies, tees, New Era caps, robes, and keychains.

A similar Kith x Cap'n Crunch pop-up opened in New York City earlier this month and sold out of all merchandise by the end of the day.

No word on prices for the merchandise, but if they're any indication, T-shirts from the Kith collaboration with Nike sell for $50, and a commuter bowl of cereal and milk at Kith Treats costs $5.