Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Gave Donald Trump a Bunch of Money

For years, Jeffrey Loria has laid claim to title of most loathed public figure in Miami thanks to his toxic combination of repeatedly suing diehard Marlins fans while also gutting the team and robbing taxpayers of billions of dollars. Plus he lets his jerk son-in-law run the franchise.

So it makes sense that Loria would be a big fan of the only person who might knock him off his most-hated pedestal: Donald Trump, a man who has been condemned by the county commission and who is likely to lose in Miami by upward of 80 percent come Election Day.

Sure enough, federal election records show that Loria last month made a sizable donation to Trump's joint fundraising committee. The Marlins owners gave $125,000 to the group Trump Victory September 29.

That's barely a week before video leaked to the Washington Post of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, the moment Trump's national implosion began in full force. Too bad, Jeffrey! On the upside, he can always sue a few more season ticketholders to make up that wasted cash.

Although Miami's other sports owners have been known to make it rain donations, both the Dolphins' Stephen Ross and the Heat's Micky Arison have stayed far away from Trump's campaign so far.

Since August, Ross has donated $235,000 to various PACs and candidates, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Almost all are GOP-leaning, including $66,600 to the Republican National Committee and $50,000 to the right-wing Fight for Ohio Fund. But intriguingly, Ross also dropped $50,000 last month on Floridians for a Strong Middle Class, a PAC supporting Patrick Murphy, Marco Rubio's Democratic opponent for U.S. Senate.

Arison, meanwhile, seems to prefer his donations smaller and more eclectic. He's given only $6,700 since July, with $2,700 going to GOP Texas Rep. Kevin Brady and $2,000 to Republican Rep. Steve Knight of California — but also $2,000 to Democratic Rep. Bennie G. Thompson of Mississippi.

In the grand scheme, Loria is not among the highest-rolling MLB owners in the political sphere. A new review by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington found that Cincinnati Reds owner Robert Castellini had dropped nearly $700,000 in the 2016 cycle, mostly to Ohio-based GOP campaigns (though also heavily to Jeb Bush).

But Loria is unique in giving so much to Trump so late in his sputtering campaign. It remains to be seen how Loria's chosen GOP contender fares at the polls, but it's a safe bet his love of Trump won't help the Fish's flagging season ticket sales.