Wynwood's Naked Trump Statue Was Stolen Last Night

The statue depicting Donald Trump in the nude that appeared atop a Wynwood billboard last week has been stolen.

According to Moishe Mana, the developer who collaborated with anarchist collective INDECLINE to bring the statue to Wynwood, the statue was stolen Thursday at 3 a.m.

"We did have a security guard on it," Mana told New Times, "but [the thieves] did it so fast he couldn't react."

Witnesses saw three men scale the roof and throw the statue into a truck, CBS 4 reports.

The crime comes days after Mana's other naked Trump statue, installed at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City at the same time as the Wynwood piece, went missing. Mana said the Jersey statue was reported stolen this past Sunday. He couldn't say if the crimes were related.
Naked Trump spent just one week in Wynwood, but it was an eventful stint. Shortly after the statue appeared, police, citing safety concerns, contacted Mana to remove it; drivers on I-95 could see the statue, creating increased possibility of car accidents. Mana's team relocated Trump to the roof of Harold Golen Gallery on the corner of NW 23rd Street and NW Second Avenue. There, he says, the statue created quite a stir:

"Every time I drive to the office, which is right on the way, I see people taking pictures... It really captured people's attention, you know?"

Now, Mana has filed a police report, putting cops on the lookout for the naked Donald. A Miami Police Department spokesperson declined to comment but said the department plans to put out a flyer asking locals with knowledge of the theft to come forward.

If the statue is recovered, Mana says he plans to reinstall it in Wynwood.

"I'm really so upset," he says. " Hopefully, the police will catch them."