Miami Spice

The Best Miami Spice 2016 Deals for Brunch, Dinner, and Beyond

With just a few weeks left of Miami Spice, it's time to up the game and get in as many restaurants as you can. The program, which lasts until the end of September, features more than 240 local restaurants offering three-course lunches for $23 and three-course dinners for $39.

That's a great opportunity to try a new restaurant or take advantage of a date night at an establishment that normally is out of your budget. 

New Times has covered Miami Spice extensively so far this year, from offering the best new restaurants to try to breaking down values by neighborhood. Here's a rundown of our favorites so you can make the best of Miami Spice.
5. The Five Best Miami Spice Weekend Brunches
Technically, Miami Spice doesn't offer brunch, but guess what? Take a weekend lunch deal, add some friends and a cocktail, and you've got brunch. From dim sum at Hakkasan to a trip to Italy with Via Verdi's twin chefs, these are the best three-course weekend meals you'll find.
4. The Six Best Vegan- and Vegetarian-Friendly Options for Miami Spice 2016
Here's the scenario: You want to take advantage of Miami Spice this weekend, but your bestie is vegan — or maybe you are and most Spice menus clearly state "no substitutions." The good news is there's never been a better time to savor a plant-based diet in Miami, because chefs are committed to cooking healthier for both their guests and their families. From Matthew Kenney’s Wynwood plant-based palace to Danny Serfer's Blue Collar and Mignonette, here are the best places to enjoy a meatless Spice menu.