Tale of Us Makes Up for March's Canceled Pop-Up Show

The world of dance music is dominated largely by solitary figures. Collaborations — especially those of the pop-heavy vocal variety — may abound, but ultimately, the names adorning album covers and Ultra lineups are usually of a singular nature. With regard to trendiness, the multi-instrumental Duran Durans, New Orders, and LCD Soundsystems of the world have generally been superseded by the turntable and laptop-generated grooves offered by the likes of Jamie xx, Seth Troxler, and DJ Koze. These days, it's not at all uncommon for a DJ booth to exude an air of solemnity and seclusion rather than celebration and togetherness.

Not so for Berlin-based techno duo Tale of Us. Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, the alliterative Italian gentlemen who compose Tale of Us, have emphasized collaboration from the get-go. Hell, it's right there in the name.

Having thoroughly conquered the well-trodden domains of remixes, EPs, and live sets, Conte and Milleri have opted to extend their partnership to fostering talent other than their own. Earlier this month, it was announced that Conte and Milleri had launched the label Afterlife. Following this week's inaugural release, a ten-track compilation titled Realm of Consciousness, Tale of Us will celebrate in Miami. In cooperation with Pl0t and Poplife, Conte and Milleri will perform at a pop-up venue this Thursday, a show the duo was originally scheduled to play back in March but had to cancel due to "medical reasons." As is customary with this sort of thing, the location is currently unknown, even to New Times.

Slightly frustrating though it may be, we'll undoubtedly be among those keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes on Twitter in eager anticipation of the show. It's this sort of spontaneity and collaborative effort that has enabled Tale of Us to rise through the ranks of electronic music within a relatively short period of time. The past few years have seen many a lengthy feature on the duo in electronic publications and outlets. Just last December, the influential Mixmag deemed Conte and Milleri the 2015 DJs of the year.

Besides their diverse sound, which delicately tiptoes the ever-blurry lines between deep house, techno, and whatever dance template suits their fancy at any given moment, what has set Tale of Us apart is its members' quality as a duo. Unlike the few other duos occupying dance music — think crossover acts AlunaGeorge and Disclosure — Tale of Us has firmly rejected the limitations of a strictly pop aesthetic. Committing to a distinctive sound has made Conte and Milleri's story one worth listening (and dancing) to.

Tale of Us. 10 p.m. Thursday, June 30, at a venue to be announced. Tickets cost $20 to $40 via