Eat Pizza and Listen to the Smiths at Sweat Records' Inaugural Classic Album Sunday

Started in 2010 by U.K. radio personality and DJ Colleen Murphy, Classic Album Sundays is meant to be a way for music lovers around the world to gather once a month and geek out over a masterful record. Sadly, we've never had a formal Classic Album Sunday gathering in our neck of the woods. But that changes this Sunday, June 26, at 5 p.m. at Sweat Records.

"I think New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Kansas City are the only places doing it in America — until now," Eric Gould, owner of Deja Vu Audio South, says. Gould was buying records for his new Design District store — which we profiled a few weeks ago  when he spoke to Sweat Record's Lauren Reskin about co-hosting the event. The plan: Sweat would provide the venue, and Deja Vu would supply the equipment. Sunday's system will consist of gear mostly from Audio Note UK, which Gould notes is "known for [its] natural and realistic reproduction of music." Reskin will also be giving a historical presentation on the record before it's played. 

This month's selection was one both organizers had a soft spot for, the Smith's The Queen Is Dead. "It's celebrating the record's 30th anniversary," Reskin tells us. "It's a perfect choice since [Smith's lead singer] Morrissey is painted outside Sweat. I'm always amazed how many people in Miami love the Smiths."

The $5 cover charge will include complimentary pizza and beer. Those poor souls who might not be familiar with the Smiths will have a chance to fall in love with Johnny Marr's atmospheric guitar and Morrissey's sensitive lyrics, while longtime Smiths fans can sway gently with their fellow aficionados.

Copies of the album will be on sale at the gathering along with custom T-shirts and posters created specifically for the event. Sweat Records is also giving away a prize pack that includes two free tickets to Sunday's event, a vinyl copy of The Queen Is Dead, and a record-cleaning kit. You can see how to win over at Sweat's Instagram account.

The records for Classic Album Sundays are chosen at the British headquarters and have a definite European tilt. "They're big on picking records having an anniversary," Reskin points out. "July will be Massive Attack's Mezzanine. August celebrates the 15th anniversary of Daft Punk's Discovery. Later on, they're going to have My Bloody Valentine and Stevie Wonder."

While this inaugural Classic Album Sunday will be an experiment, both Gould and Reskin are confident it could soon be a monthly Miami tradition. "It's a celebration of music that gives people a chance to listen to an album that lasted the test of time," Reskin says.

CAS Miami presents The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead. 5 p.m. Sunday, June 26, at Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami; 786-693-9309; Tickets cost $5 via