Rick Scott Has Refused to Say the Words "Gay" and "LGBT" Since Orlando Attack

Forty-nine people were shot dead at a gay club in Orlando. Another 53 were injured. By all accounts, they were targeted as members or allies of the LGBT community. The month is a nationwide celebration of gay pride, timed to remember the Stonewall Riots when LGBT people fought for their rights, including their right to keep nightclubs as safe spaces. 

In his many appearances and statements since the massacre, however, Gov. Rick Scott has so far avoided uttering the words "gay" and "LGBT" and has refused to acknowledge that community was targeted. Members of the LGBT community are incensed at his omission. 

Scott appeared on CNN by phone earlier yesterday afternoon, and anchor Jake Tapper specifically asked Scott if he would take special precautions to ensure that the rest of the state's LGBT community remained protected.

"There are other areas of the state of Florida, South Beach for example, where there may be a large and thriving LGBT community that might be very, very afraid this morning. Are you taking precautions? Are you sending law enforcement to make sure that there are no copycats or just in case this individual wasn't a lone wolf?" Tapper asked. 
RawStory points out that Scott wouldn't mention the LGBT community once. 

Though he would go on to frame the attack as one against "America," he omitted the community that was specifically attacked. The pattern has continued, and the LGBT community has noticed.  Scott opposed gay marriage and has generally not supported LGBT rights in the state. 

To make matters odder by comparison, other Florida Republican politicians have at least acknowledged the community. 

"Anyone who attacks our LGBT community, anyone who attacks anyone in our state, will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law," Attorney General Pam Bondi told reporters yesterday

“They were the victims, and our hearts go out to all of the LGBT community, to those who have lost their lives and those that were injured,” she added later. 

“I don’t need investigators to tell me the gay community was targeted in this attack,” Marco Rubio said in an interview with gay magazine The Advocate

In times like this, we are supposed to honor the victims and celebrate their lives, but Scott's refusal to at least acknowledge a key part of the victims' lives and that, indeed, they were targeted because of homophobia has been a slap in the face to the very community so brutally targeted. 

Update: On Tuesday, Rick Scott finally acknowledged the LGBT community in both a tweet and an interview with Fox News.