Meet the Seven Best-Dressed Attendees at Miami Fashion Week

Fashionistas, designers, models, and everyone in the biz came out to the Magic City this weekend while Miami Fashion Week (MFW) was in full swing. The extravaganza featured a red-carpet entrance and a new ambassador. Antonio Banderas took over as the honorary president this year, and it turns out the actor has plans to release a men’s fashion line this fall. There is also a budding relationship in the works with MFW and Miami Dade College as the school launches its Fashion Institute. Potential employees of the school attended the event and oversaw production.

In true Miami form, runway schedules were pushed back from their initial start times. As people flocked to the entrance, it was hard to focus on the runway when there were so many fashion-forward attendees. 
7. Raquel Cañas, MFW Ambassador from El Salvador
“I love denim, and that’s why I chose this dress," the fashion blogger says. "It’s actually from a store here in Miami called Style Mafia. I added this red Gucci purse because I love the pop of color. My necklace is an “R” for Raquel and is like my signature. I love it, and I always wear it. It’s a sign that a friend gave me and holds sentimental value. My style is minimalistic, but I love adding an unexpected detail to my outfits.”
6. Richard Smith
“A friend of mine told me about the program, and I randomly got selected to attend. I’m a visual merchandiser now for Macy’s, but I’ve worked for BCBG and Forever21 before. I picked out this outfit at 3 in the morning, and I didn’t have time to look for anything else. I love wearing black and white, and I decided to pair this up with white sneakers because they are trending right now. So are navy-blue suits, but I didn’t want to be too hot, so I just decided to keep it simple — but I knew I should have worn a suit."
5. Diamante Jones
“I got this bag from eBay," the aspiring fashion blogger says. "I know a person named Mary, and she sells these bags and phone cases, so look out for the phone cases in the next couple of weeks. My style is known to bring out the feminine side of men’s fashion. Classy but with a bit of edginess, that’s how I describe it. I am a fashion student at Miami Dade Collegem and they recommended for me to come. I am passionate about fashion, so I thought, Why not? And now I’m here.”
4. Cha Cha
“I got this 1940s hairpiece in New Orleans when I was on a bachelorette party trip. I try to wear a lot of headpieces because I’m not creative with my hair, so whatever I can make look as cute as possible, I put on. I'm here because I’m a huge fan of Miami Fashion Week. I follow them on Instagram and social media, and I loved the collections, and I wanted to see what was going on this weekend. Everything is very Miami style. My outfit is lace, and it's a trending textile. This is my favorite color. The designer is a local; her brand is called GrandStand by Joann Chan.”
3. Alejandro Muguerza, owner of Le Basque Catering
“I always go everywhere with a shawl or a scarf," the businessman says. "I love them. I am from Spain, the Basque country, and my roots are my inspiration to style. I always love to be wrapped up in something. I love the feeling of being wrapped. It’s also a versatile look, and you always look elegant. I throw them to the front or over my shoulder. I wear them in many ways, and I have about 200 of them in all colors and styles, including silk ones. This one is unique and from Hackett in London.”
2. Nicholas Charles Patrick Huxley
“This piece is from an old T-shirt. After I packed on some weight, I still loved it, and I cut the design off and sewed it onto this shirt. It was so easy to do. Things that I love and that I keep for years I keep reinventing them. My arm candy is from all over the world. A bit of it is from China, India, one of them is Louis Vuitton, and the other stuff is some rubbish thrown in there. I was brought out here to produce this event for Miami Dade College, and since they’ve never done a fashion week before, I helped them set it up. I’m helping them build the program. And because I ran Australia’s top fashion design course, they brought me over. Doctor Padron flew to Australia and found me.”
1. Wayne Patrick
“I got this belt buckle at a trade show in New Mexico. I wish I knew which stone it was because it’s gorgeous. The blue flower is just one of my calling cards. My mom has been dressing me up and taking me to designers and tailors since I was 7 years old, so it’s no wonder that fashion became a part of my life. Blue is my favorite color. Blue and some soft shades of green are the warmest colors. It is my power color, and it looks really good on my complexion.” 

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