Helen Aguirre Ferré Deletes Anti-Trump Tweets After Taking RNC Job of Selling Trump to Hispanics

Outside of Washington, D.C., Miami might be ground zero for Republican establishment-types who can't stand Donald Trump. Both the city and county mayor refuse to endorse him. Local GOP power-players like Ana Navarro deplore him. All three local Republican members of congress want nothing to do with him. (At least one still hasn't distanced himself from his conspiracy theory that Trump is a Democratic plant.)

Well, guess where the Republican National Committee went to look for a new Hispanic outreach director? Right here in Miami. 

They needed a new one after the former director, Ruth Guerra, left the party establishment, possibly because of concerns about Trump as a candidate. 

So they've picked Helen Aguirre Ferré. She's a longtime journalist in Miami. She's hosted a show on WPBT and penned columns for El Nuevo Herald. She's also a trustee at Miami Dade College. Though, she had never taken a job directly in the political system before becoming an advisor to her close friend Jeb Bush's failed presidential campaign. 

Turns out, she also isn't much a Trump fan. In fact, after getting the job, she took to Twitter to delete at least 12 tweets she'd sent slamming the presumptive Republican nominee. Media Matters used Google Cache to find the since-deleted tweets. Many of them originally linked out to articles that were highly critical of Trump, but those links weren't archived in the cache.  Those are hardly the worst things anyone has ever said about Trump, but it is clear that Ferré was decidedly not a fan.

Which is unfortunate, because her new job entails communicating the message of the GOP to Hispanics. Trump, meanwhile, has suggested that he won't build a massive campaign operation of his own and instead rely on the in-house operations of the RNC. Meaning Ferré's new job will include selling Trump to Hispanics in a big way. 

"Her wealth of experience is complemented by a keen strategic vision, top-notch communication skills, and outstanding leadership qualities, and she is going to be a tremendous asset to the RNC as we seek to stop Hillary Clinton and elect a Republican president," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Of course, that Republican president would be, in this case, Donald Trump. 

"I am proud to be joining the RNC at such a critical time," added Ferré in her own statement. "This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and I'm eager to make the case to the Hispanic community why Republican ideas and values are the way forward for our country after eight years of an Obama agenda which has failed all Americans."

"Is it going to be tough? Of course,” Ferré has already told the Wall Street Journal. “But Hispanic voters see that these last eight years of President Obama hasn’t done them any favors. That’s part of the reason people are looking for real change and Donald Trump presents that real change.”

It's telling she's already setting up the RNC's Hispanic outreach to be more about the perceived failures of President Obama, rather than the virtues of a guy who insinuated that all Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals. 

Oh, and if Ferré's last name sounds familiar, maybe it's because she's the daughter-in-law of former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferré. 

A lifelong Democrat, he shocked the local political establishment by strongly endorsing Rick Scott, who also ran on an anti-immigration platform in 2010. 

Seems like Ferré could ask her father-in-law for some tips on the situation.