Meet Fourever1, Randy Jackson's Identical Pop Star Quadruplets

Catherine, Christina, Jodi, and Janelle Pyfrom want to become pop's next big thing. But that's not what makes them stand out. The four Miami sisters — who were born in Miami and raised in the Bahamas — are identical quadruplets.

At first, it was more for fun, but then Christina got the Backstreet Boys CD, and we fell in love," Jodi says. "Then in first grade class, we would sing for our teacher. Then I went to a Rihanna concert and fell in love with everything about music. I told my parents that this is what I wanted to do. And then, basically, my sisters just followed me." Jodi laughs as the other sisters playfully utter "whatever" in the background. Though, Jodi later clarifies: “There’s not really a leader. We all decide what to do.”

The girls initially made sketches and performed songs on YouTube. They even have a few videos where they pull the ol' quadruplet switcheroo prank on people, though Janelle insists they don't do that in real life. “We just did YouTube for fun. Then we got picked up by this company in L.A., because this CEO was obsessed with multiples." That eventually led to a meeting with American Idol's Randy Jackson, which, Janelle admits, was a bit of a scary ordeal. “I was nervous for the Randy Jackson showcase. I was excited to work with him, and he said, 'Great job, girls!' And they actually filmed it and tried to have some suspense for our website.” After the showcase, the quadruplets flew up to L.A. to sign with Jackson, and FourEver1 was born. 
Since their signing, they’ve been able to record in the studio with the former American Idol host, though, he still can't really tell the girls apart.

FourEver1's sound has transitioned from island pop to a more modern club sound over the group's short lifespan. In fact, FourEver1 played at Miami's most recent Winter Music Conference to promote the single, “All About Tonight.” They were not 21 at the time, so they weren't fully able to experience Miami's nightlife, but the sisters say that the weekend was "Crazy — in a good way."

The group has been taking choreography lessons in preparation for an u
pcoming tour, and have a new song out called "Turn It Up." 

"In general, we try to show off each of our talents whenever one of us has a solo... We switch up to whoever sounds the best on certain parts. Janelle is really good at the high notes. Christina is good at the low register — brassy voice. Jodi has the poppy voice. Growing up, we all listened to different types of music. I was obsessed with boy bands," Jodi tells us.

And while FourEver1 might still be trying to pinpoint their sound and style, they are already — as far as we know — the world's biggest identical quadruplet band in the world.