Dolphins Drafted a Wide Receiver Who Can Jump Over Himself

Normally, your average Miami Dolphins sixth-round draft pick wouldn't exactly move the fan base's attention needle past a "Huh, cool." But Texas Tech wide receiver Jakeem Grant, whom the Fins took 186th overall this weekend, is apparently not your average dude.

Grant, all five feet six inches of him, is a firecracker of an offensive weapon the Dolphins hope can eventually provide some explosion in the return game and on the offensive side of the ball. Grant had 90 catches for 1,268 yards and ten touchdowns last year at Texas Tech, and he absolutely ran the shit out of the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day

He also might be Spiderman, because he can literally jump over himself.

Yes, you read that correctly, and, no, it doesn't make sense, probably because you've never read that sentence before. That's not something people should be able to do. But it's true — if Grant were standing in front of himself, he could jump over himself, and there is video evidence to prove this fact. 


In January, Grant's teammate Keland McElrath posted this Inception-esque training video featuring Grant scaling a six-foot-one-inch-tall drum that he could very easily fit inside and call home. Though this might not be the most useful game-related drill we have ever seen, it sure as shit shows off the kind of athleticism that convinced the Dolphins to trade up in the sixth round (oddly enough, back to a pick they had traded earlier in the draft) to secure his services. 

The Dolphins wide-receiver room should be pretty full in training camp with returning players Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, Matt Hazel, and Kenny Stills competing with third-round pick Leonte Carroo and Grant himself taking up snaps. But that's a problem new coach Adam Gase should be happy to have. 

One thing is for sure: If the Dolphins are faced with an opponent kicking a 65-yard field goal to win the game as time expires, Jakeem Grant should be the guy standing near the goal posts to catch it if it falls short.