Donald Trump Sues Five Neighbors of Doral Golf Course

If you've been on the internet today, you've probably seen John Oliver's epic takedown of Donald Trump (AKA Donald Drumpf). The HBO comedian takes a shot at Trump's tendency to threaten to sue people without ever filing suit. True, Trump never did get around to taking Rosie O'Donnell to court, but he has now sued five Doral residents whose property neighbors the Trump National Doral Miami golf course and resort. 

The resort's management claims the neighbors have been destroying and chopping down trees and plants that were part of the course's redevelopment, according to Gossip Extra. 

Trump bought the famed Doral resort in 2011, spent about $200 million renovating and updating the place, and renamed it the Trump National Doral Miami. His relationship with the City of Doral and the course's neighbors has been testy, however. 
As part of the renovation, Trump planted several trees that neighbors complained blocked their views of the expansive golf course. The issue was a key part of the city's dilemma over whether to award Trump keys to the city. The drama predates Trump's run for president. 

The five neighbors named in the suit are Francisco Rodriguez, James Almaraz, Alejo Carlos Peyret, Nancy Dominguez, and Juan Infante. There are four suits filed on behalf of Trump Endeavor 12, LLC. 

The suit claims that when Trump bought the course, areas of it were "neglected" and "required significant renovation and rehabilitation." 

"Plaintiff planted aesthetically pleasing and expensive Areca Palms, Buttonwoods, and Fishtail plants along the border of the golf course," the suit reads. 

Hotel management claims that some of the palms were destroyed January 16 by the neighbors and that it wasn't the first time the course's landscaping had been molested. Damages are estimated at $15,000. 

In December, the City of Doral had sent a letter to neighbors telling them not to mess with the Trump-owned trees. 

Trump's relationship with another of the city's largest corporate citizens, Univision (which keeps it major production facilities in Doral), has also been notoriously dramatic. He's banned all Univision employees from the resort