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This $34 Million Miami Beach Home Has a Two-Story Water Slide

Ask a bunch of kids which feature they'd like to see in their dream home, and you'll likely hear a few of them say they'd want a water slide that connected their bedroom directly to the pool. Well, a newly built $34 million home in Miami Beach makes that dream a reality. Almost. 

Located on Pine Tree Drive on the Indian Creek Canal just across the water from the Eden Roc Hotel, the home features a 42-foot water slide that connects the home's second story to the pool below. Unfortunately, the top of the slide isn't located directly in the master bedroom. Sorry to crush your childhood dreams. Instead, the eventual owner would have to walk through a bathroom and a family room from their bedroom if they wanted to start their morning with a plunge into the pool. 

The home is the project of Barry Brodsky, owner of Brodson Construction. He enlisted Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects to design the  13,500-square-foot home, and Raymond Jungles handled the landscaping. 

Brodsky tells the Wall Street Journal that he knew the water slide might turn off some potential buyers, but then he asked himself: "Who doesn’t like to go on a water slide?" The slide is designed to look more like an architectural feature of the home and is constructed out of concrete, not plastic. The pool is also set up to feature a volleyball net and to be used for lap swimming. 

If those feature don't make the home fantastic enough, it also has a separate "basketball building" with an indoor basketball half-court. Owners could also use it as a traditional gym, art gallery, or something else. 

The home includes six bedrooms, six baths, and staff quarters. It sits on a lot Brodsky purchased in 2014 for $11.5 million. The property was split up, and another spec home is being built on the north half of the lot. 

The house was designed with both entertaining and privacy in mind. 

"The design is conceived of as a self-contained, multi-layered landscape of experiences which takes advantage of both Miami’s tropical climate as well the site’s sought-after views," the home's website reads." The design capitalizes on the nature of the site by establishing strong lateral boundaries which offer privacy from the public realm as well as direct living spaces inwards, centered on a generous atrium space surrounded by inter-connected platforms and surfaces."

It's just the latest entrant in the booming spec-home market in Miami Beach, in which developers buy land, build a unique mansion onsite, and then hope to find a buyer afterward. It's the perfect solution for a millionaire who wants to own a newly built home immediately and doesn't want to oversee the construction himself. 

You can take a full virtual tour of the home here