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Furious Leisure's "Vape Life" Is Miami's One and Only Ode to Vaping

For many health-conscious stoners, vape is life. So it's only fitting that Miami indie-pop/hip-hop band Furious Leisure just dropped "Vape Life," an ode to the healthier, less smoky version of marijuana consumption: the vaporizer. The video is stoner comedy meets educational film. Furious Leisure's Bodizepha and Damian Major, accompanied by Kr!zm, who is featured on the song, embark upon a Dog the Bounty Hunter-esque mission of busting anyone who dares light up the old-fashioned way. They confiscate joints and exchange burning papers for a more stylish portable vape.

"Smoking is not good for you. The science is in. It’s one thing to smoke once a week, once a month, but the majority of people smoke many times, and this is just not good for you," says Bodizepha. "When I found out what smoking does, I said, 'Hey, let me try something different. Let me not smoke as much.'"

The combustion of marijuana still produces several known carcinogens and tar, which can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis. But by heating marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, vaporizers produce a vapor without the harmful byproducts. And Furious Leisure is spreading the good word.
"The concern to me is the health of the individual. Our bodies are our ecosystem. We’re creating our ecosystem," says Bodizepha.
Beyond our physical bodies, Furious Leisure aims to cultivate a new type of marijuana user. In line with this idea is Furious Leisure's representation of a classic weed smoker versus the reformed vaper in the music video. The smoker is a couch-ridden insomniac, but the vaper gets to party poolside with bikini-clad ladies and travel through space with cats. 

"Our band and our group is really a lifestyle. So many people are working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., watching TV and conforming to what it is that our society has set for us. Our idea is to really break free from that and be furious about your leisure: hiking, exercising, or playing music — things that are fun," says Bodizepha. "That’s the vein that our music is going in. Feel good; enjoy life."

If the video looks familiar, that's probably because you saw it at Art Basel 2015. The duo rented a truck for three hours to drive up and down NW Second and Third avenues, screening the video on side monitors. 

"That was really cool to see the reaction of people live, when you do something like that. It’s in their face. They have to look at it," says Bodizepha. "We filmed it at Art Basel the previous year, so I wanted to premiere it there, but it was too late to get a venue, so I said fuck it, let me just get a truck and do my own premiere."

Before you run out to buy your own vape, there are two things Bodizepha wants to make clear: They are in no way condoning tobacco vaping, and, no, they are not being sponsored by any vape companies.

"I’m in no way condoning tobacco vaping. I'm not a supporter. This is really about marijuana. Corporate America is trying to get into the vape business, and I don’t want them to look at our video as a way to promote tobacco vaping," says Bodizepha. "When people watch the video for the first time, they ask, 'Who hired you?' And the truth is, we did this 100 percent independently funded, and as of now we have no affiliation. In the future. I’d be open to sponsorship. As long as it aligns with our mission, I don’t see a problem."

Combustion is so 2015.