North Miami Police Investigate After Keystone Point Resident Tied Up, Robbed of $177,000 Worth of Possessions

Just after 9:30 p.m. October 28, at least three masked intruders barged into a home in Keystone Point, an exclusive waterfront enclave in North Miami. The house's owner, Naim (who declined to provide his last name for fear of retribution) was brushing his teeth when he was led with a stun gun to open the safe in his home and was then tied up with duct tape and led to the laundry room. Two of his friends were tied up there too.

“I thought it was a Halloween prank since they were wearing masks,” Naim said.

The invasion was no prank. North Miami Police are now investigating after Naim says the men repeatedly threatened to kill him while walking off with more than $177,000 worth of his possessions. 

“We thought we were going to die," Naim says. "They said they were going to cut our throats.”

Soon after they burst in, Naim realized the intruders were armed with stun guns, machetes, and tasers. After they tied up Naim and his friends, they broke and opened every drawer and closet in the house, getting away with over $177,000 worth of items — including his SUV. “They took everything,” Naim says, “even our toothbrushes and cologne.”

After the thieves left, Naim and his friends struggled to break free. Their house was completely ransacked and their cell phones and laptops were taken, Naim and his friends struggled to call 911 for help. They had to message a friend on Facebook (who was still awake in California) to make the call. Naim says police were professional and he's not criticizing them, but he is frustrated that it has been two weeks and they have yet to receive an update.

Major Annemarie Cardona confirms that North Miami Police are still investigating the case. “The investigation is still ongoing and we're actively working on it and following up on evidence and waiting for the lab,” Cardona said.

Naim was able to track his iPhone (using the Track My Phone feature) to an address in Hialeah, which he provided to police. He says there were fingerprints on beer bottles left in his SUV that was later recovered at a supermarket.

Naim is also frustrated with the Keystone Point home association. He estimates he and other residents pay over $700 a year in fees, a portion of which goes to security. However, Naim says, that the video camera monitoring the gate where the thieves made their getaway at the time wasn't working.

“At least if the camera worked police would have a face to work with,” Naim says. “It's unacceptable.”

In the meantime, Naim lives every day in fear. He says him and his friends walk around their home with mace and jolt to the tiniest noise.

“When they were leaving they said 'Don't do anything stupid',” Naim says. “I want to feel safe again.”