Miami Brand Peace Love World Featured on Oprah's "Favorite Things" List

Everyone knows there's nothing more valuable than Oprah's seal of approval. A kind word from the queen of talk TV can propel an otherwise unknown brand into the stratosphere. Miami's Peace Love World has been on her radar for a while, and now the local biz has made Oprah's December 2015 "Favorite Things" list, featured in O Magazine. This is the second year the clothing company has earned the honor.

Started by Cuban-born designer and entrepreneur Alina Villasante, the company is dedicated to spreading "peace, love, and happiness," as the name implies.

"Our designs appeal to Oprah, celebrities, and such a wide audience around the world because our mission and message is about spreading positivity — whether it's happiness, peace, love, strength — and we always stay true to it," Villasante says. "No matter what people are hungry for, [you can never go wrong with] more love and positivity. Love attracts love. We use the best-quality fabrics and play with color and design elements, but ultimately, it always comes back to that soulful connection."
Her hometown is represented in Villasante's designs. "Miami is home, and Peace Love World owes a lot of its success to the support of this community. I find inspiration everywhere here. Our customers keep us fresh. If we can keep the people who have been shopping with us since the beginning coming back for more, I know we're more than a trend."

In addition to its popularity with Oprah, the brand is also a fave among celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Selena Gomez. Peace Love World has also partnered with major brands like Coca-Cola, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Heat. 

The "Favorite Things" issue is on newsstands now and features two designs from the company: a new V-neck version of the “I Love Sundays” top and a “Peace Love Oprah” hoodie (available exclusively at the O online store). Being on the list last year definitely boosted sales, Villasante says. "But it's not only the immediate boost you get when the list and magazine comes out; you also see increased brand awareness. For Peace Love World, the greatest benefit is the validation of such a like-minded soul. [Oprah] is an amazing woman, and I'm so proud she chooses to show us her support."