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Live at Sweat Gives Locals a Chance to Know Miami Musicians

"We enjoy the tradition of record-shop in-stores," Lauren Reskin, owner of Sweat Records, says. "We wanted to honor that and take it up a notch."

"We figure this one will have people dancing out of their seats."

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After receiving a grant from the Knight Foundation in December 2012 and ensuring that the sale of Churchill's Pub would not cause their shop to relocate, the folks at Sweat Records conspired to create a semiregular night that would bring the best local music to the store for live performances.

They added some purple curtains in honor of Prince, upgraded their stage, and had the beloved local Rat Bastard curate the sound system. But beyond providing a comfortable audio experience, they also wanted the musicians to come away from the experience with something tangible. "We're filming all the shows," Reskin says. "There's a lot of great local artists who don't have great footage of themselves. Sometimes when they're being booked, they want to see a video of their show. This will give them footage that isn't shaking up and down."

November 14 will be the fourth show in the series and will feature the indie disco of Krisp and the instrumental rhythmic pop of Cog Nomen. Reskin warns that if you want a good spot, arrive early.

"It's gotten to the point where if you don't get there on the early side, you're going to have to stand."

All seven of the shows in the series are free and intentionally have an early start time of 7 p.m. "We need events that are all-ages and also give people a chance to see music without making the babysitter stay up too late."

Sweat's formula of early and free has clearly hit a niche, and the Little Haiti record store has already begun booking acts for the second series, which will begin in January 2016, with confirmations already received from Fort Lauderdale rapper Bleubird and Miami garage rockers SunGhosts.

Reskin says the hope is to eventually host three seasons of Live at Sweat a year. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's concentrate on the task at hand: Krisp and Cog Nomen this Saturday.

"Most of the shows so far have been sit-down events, but we figure this one will have people dancing out of their seats."

Live at Sweat With Krisp and Cog Nomen. 7 p.m. Saturday, November 14, at Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami; 786-693-9309; sweatrecords.com. Admission is free. All ages.