SportsManias Wants to Know What Miami Sports Emojis You Want

Have you ever wanted to text your buddy an emoji of Miami Dolphins interim coach Dan Campbell desperately staring back at himself as if he were being held hostage but unable to speak? No? Well, congratulations to those who answered yes, because a company named SportsManias has made it possible.

The new app works like this: You upload your fantasy players, and the app provides you with up-to-the-minute news, scores, and stats on those players. In addition to all of that fun stuff, you get a personalized fantasy football emoji keyboard so you can text that dipshit Tom from finance a big ol' dancing-party-Gronk emoji when he scores the winning touchdown and you beat his team. 

Eat it, Tom from finance. I own you. 

It's a pretty cool new feature, and the fact that the company already has a Dan Campbell emoji shows that SportsManias has its ears to the football-fan streets.

All you have to do to add these fantasy football emojis to your smartphone is download the app and then go into your settings to make it available on the regular texting keyboard — kablooooosh, you are now fantasy-football-emoji-enabled. According to SportsManias, they are working on adding more local sports teams players to the app, so soon you'll be able to text your Cleveland Cavs friend an emoji of Hassan Whiteside dropping a thunderous dunk on top of Anderson Varejao. 

SportsManias tells New Times they are looking into adding legendary players, even those who have retired. So that means a Dan Marino emoji could be on its way. The mobile-app designers want to hear your suggestions, so contact them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram under the name SportsManias and let them know you need a Pat Riley emoji on your phone like yesterday. 

Download SportsManians from iTunes.