Speedo-Wearing Miami YouTube Star Arrested for Allegedly Choking Wife

We'd say Pedro Dayan Millan is an unlikely YouTube star, but then again it really doesn't take much more than luck to become a viral sensation. Under the nickname Peter La Anguila ("Peter the Eel" to us gringos), Millan became a sensation in 2012 thanks to a music video produced with the group Los Pichy Boy. While rapping, Millan's noticeably lanky frame awkwardly prances around South Beach is nothing but a small, rainbow-striped speedo. 

The video has racked up more than 52 million views, and Millan went on to perform on numerous Spanish-language TV shows. 

But now the Eel has traded in his rainbow budgie smuggler for an orange jumpsuit. 

Millan was arrested on Sunday on charges of strangling and hitting his wife. According to the arrest report, Millan and his wife were arguing over a flower bouquet. Millan allegedly wrestled her to the ground, hit her and choked her. 

"I wanted to kill her. That is why I was choking her," he told police according to the report. "Please take me to jail." 

The victim, Yenia Millan (who has appeared alongside her husband in some videos as "La Kuki") had red marks and bruises on her arms. She also told police that this was far from the first time her husband had choked her. The couple had recently welcomed two twins. 

"I know you all are wondering what happened to Peter ... I just wanted to say that all is well, unfortunately, anyone has a problem and it's not fair that all to be published," Yenia wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. 

Millan also took to Instagram to offer his own apologies. 


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"Hello, I'd like to express that no one is perfect and anyone can make a mistake, which I regret," he wrote. 

Millan has obviously since bonded out of jail.