Jarvis Landry Might Become the Dolphins' Dwyane Wade

Last weekend, Jarvis Landry helped the Miami Dolphins snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with his electric, game-deciding fourth-quarter punt-return touchdown. The 69-yard clutch-sprint was the exact defibrillation the team needed in what was an otherwise underwhelming, sleepy Miami Dolphins opening performance. 

In just Landry's second season, it's already clear he's a superstar in the making. In fact, he just might be the Dolphins' version of the Heat's Dwyane Wade.
He's already the team's most recognizable off-the-field face in the community.
Before we get to how awesome Landry is on the field, we should mention just how good is off it. Much like Dwyane Wade, Landry has that "it" factor. For a superbro Dolphins fan, he's got the attitude on the field that makes him an easy player to love watching on Sundays. For the younger generation of Fins, he's the sort of guy who's cool enough to not only present an ESPY but also a BET or MTV Music Award. He's equal parts as likely to hit you up on SnapChat as he is to appear in a Kendall Toyota car advertisement; that's not something every Miami player can pull off. 

Landry appeals to just about every Dolphins fan and even has what it takes to be intriguing to those who don't even care about football.

He's the best player on offense.
Landry is the best player on the Dolphins offense, and he's really only just getting started. While some might point to Ryan Tannehill as the team's best offensive player, Landry is much better at what he does than Tannehill is at what he does Sunday afternoons. That's not to take away from what Tannehill does — he's been great — it's just a byproduct of how good Landry has been so quickly in his career. People love offense. Though Dwyane Wade is one of the best shot-blocking guards in NBA history, he's best known for getting buckets.

Landry is the best offensive weapon on the team, which is why you'll soon see just as many #14 jerseys walking through the mall as you will #17 jerseys. 

Juice is flashy, just like Flash.
Jarvis Landry isn't just a guy who runs straight, catches the ball, scores a touchdown, and hands the ball to the ref — he's an entertainer. Next time you watch a Dolphins game, imagine the players with no numbers; then ask yourself how difficult it would be to figure out which one was Jarvis Landry. It wouldn't be that hard.

Here in Miami, we throw the word "swagger" around quite a bit in regards to football, but in Jarvis Landry's case, he acts as if he invented it. 

Like Wade, Landry has some famous and talented friends.
Landry has been in the league just 17 games, but like Wade, he has burst onto the scene and demanded respect. Landry hasn't come into the NFL like your average rookie might; he kicked in the NFL's front door — just like Wade did in the NBA — and did so with a few of his friends. Giants second-year wideout Odell Beckham Jr. skyrocketed to the top of his position in the NFL during his rookie year, making SportsCenter his part-time home in the meantime. Whenever Beckham plays a game, ESPN makes the pregame, postgame, and everything in between about him, just like they do with LeBron. Landry and Beckham both went to LSU, so naturally they are good friends.

Landry has his own style.
This might be an underrated part about Landry, but he has the same fashion flair and flashy off-the-field persona as Wade. His personality is just in the fetal stages of going full Wade. Between the hairstyles and the clothes, it's only a matter of time until Landry expands off the field into endorsements deals that match Wade's.

Landry isn't afraid to be different because he's so confident — that much has been established — which might be his most striking similarity to Dwyane Wade.