David Beckham Reportedly Wants to Bring Wayne Rooney to Miami

Exact details about what David Beckham plans to do in Miami with his MLS team are still hard to come by, but pretty much everyone expects it to be big. So it's not exactly a surprise that British media outlets are gossiping about the idea of that country's biggest former soccer star recruiting its biggest current soccer star to play for the team. 

UK tabloid the Daily Star reports that Beckham hopes to lure Wayne Rooney to the team when it launches. 

Rooney is under contract with Manchester United, but that $104 million deal runs out in June 2019. Beckham is eying 2018 as his team's first season. 

Manchester United is owned by the Glazer family, which also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The family is friendly with MLS President Don Garber, and though Garber would certainly like to see the international star in his league, he's remaining mum. 

“He’s under contract at Man Utd. I’m personally very friendly with the Glazers," Garber said, according to the Star. “To even be talking about it while he’s under contract... isn’t the way we operate. We don’t do that. We wouldn’t do it.”

Rooney is apparently keen on moving his family to the States. 

Though Beckham brings his own star power to the team, he needs something to match it on the field. It's certainly no surprise he'd try to lure international superstars when he launches the team. However, the rumor does support the notion that MLS is something of a retirement home for international talent looking for one last big payday before they hang up their cleats for good.