New Miami-Based Fox Series Rosewood Will Premier This Month

Stop me if you've heard this before: a television crime drama is being filmed in Miami. I know, groundbreaking stuff. 

Fox debuts Rosewood September 23rd at 8 p.m.the newest version of a who-done-it placed with a backdrop of beautiful Miami. Rosewood is based on the main character Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. (Morris Chestnut) — who holds the title as the top private pathologist in Miami — and his quest to solve cases your average investigator couldn't possibly solve without him unique skill set. Rosewood uses his extra-ordinary-sophisticated-state-of-the-art independent lab to uncover secrets in bodies that others have missed.

While Rosewood keeps it cool-calm and collected in the series, you know they have to balance that out with a "tough-as-nails" super cop, and yes, that role is played by Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz, The After). Rosewood and Villa work together to solve Miami cold cases with the help of toxicology expert "Pippy" (Gabrielle Dennis, The Game), and DNA specialist Tara "Milly" Izikoff aka TMI (Anna Konkle, Man Seeking Woman and Betas). Apparently there are a lot of topical and sassy nicknames in Rosewood, so study up now so you can keep up later. 

It's isn't all rosy for Mr. Rosewood, however, as he has dealt with serious health ailments in the past that have greatly impacted and changed his life. The experiences only help him in identifying things others miss on the bodies, because he feels the victims have been robbed of precious life moments others were able to save for him in his time of desperation. 

Richard Shepard has been pegged to direct Rosewood, a show written and executive produced by Todd Harthan (Psych). Also executive producing are Temple Hill Entertainment’s Wyck Godfrey & Marty Bowen for 20th Century Fox TV.

All in all, the show sounds terrible, but who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.