Pitbull is Now Florida's Official Tourism Ambassador

He started out as Mr. 305, then morphed into Mr. Worldwide, but for the next year at least Pitbull will be Mr. Florida. Visit Florida has struck a deal with the Miami rapper to officially serve as Florida's tourism ambassador for the next year. Yes, the state's official private/public tourism wing hopes that Pit will help lure both millennial and Hispanics from all over the world to the Sunshine State. 

There's no word yet on how much Pitbull is being paid for the gig, but he's been enlisted to do a lot for the state. He's got a new single on tap called "Sexy Beaches," and the video will be filmed right here in Florida. The hashtag #LoveFL will appear on video screens at all his concerts. He'll be taking over the national broadcast Elvis Duran and the Morning Show for a week to promote both Florida and his New Year's Eve special which will be airing live from Miami. He'll push the state through his social media, and also make appearances and do meet-and-greets on behalf of the state. 

Pit can already rap seamlessly about partying in Miami, and the deal doesn't seem to involve him dropping any additional references to Florida in any of his songs. In fact, it's hard to see him work some parts of Florida into his particular brand of party rap, but, you know, here are some ideas in case he's looking to geographically branch out:

When I'm in Kissimmee the ladies wanna kiss on me
but I keep some pu-sey in Port St. Lucie
You know they do it best down in Key West. 
Really wanna party I go to Sarasota
You know the cougars there be super loca! 

Like to get nasty in Tallahassee!
I keep a villa in Umatilla
In Wewahitchka I got a bad bitch, ya!
But you know if I really want some spring flings
I take my bling bling up to Tarpon Springs! Dalé!

[Insert Jason Derulo chorus here] 

Pitbull is a bit divisive.  Not everyone loves him. The internet once sent him to Alaska, after all. Then again, the tourism ambassador role was previously filled by Ricky Carmichael, who apparently is some BMX star. So in any event it's a step up, and Visit Florida is optimistic. 

"Pitbull is certainly 'Mr. Worldwide,' but he's also a native Floridian with a true passion for the Sunshine State," said Paul Phipps, chief marketing officer for Visit Florida, in a statement. "Aligning our two brands not only allows us to have a Florida ambassador who can help tell the authentic story of the state's diverse travel experiences, but provides us a platform to reach a new generation of travelers through his global fan base."

Visit Florida however has not revealed how much Pit is being paid. The organization is paid for partially through taxes but mainly through corporate donations. This is also the second high-profile move they've made in the last month. A few weeks ago they announced that Visit Florida is now the official sponsor of London-based soccer team Fulham