Jeb Bush Reminds World the Only Thing "Conservative" About Donald Trump Is His Fear of Non-White Immigrants

Donald Trump is currently the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president. This is despite the fact that the guy has a lifelong history of supporting several ideas more at home in the Democratic Party. Jeb Bush, who has undergone a stunning fall from frontrunner to third-place candidate, seems to be understandably upset by all of this and would like to remind Republican voters that they're supporting a guy who is, well, really not too Republican on most issues. 

So he's released this handy video. 

It is bit funny to see a guy who has lived in Miami for most of his adult life attack a guy for living in New York City, but otherwise Jeb's team has put together a nice supercut of all the times Trump has been previously on the record sounding a lot more like a Democrat. 

The video comes a day after Trump released his own controversial attack video aimed at Bush. 

It puts back into focus the fact that the only thing "right wing" about Trump is that he likes to drum up fear about non-white immigrants, which is apparently his main appeal to the upwards of 26 percent of Republicans who say they'll vote for him.