Former Dolphins Assistant Coach Claims He Was Defamed in Wells Report, Files Lawsuit

Remember that whole messy Miami Dolphins saga involving Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito and NFL locker room bullying? Of course, who could forget that mess? But the NFL hired mega-lawyer Ted Wells to come in and do an independent investigation of the matter, and when that report came out we all thought that was the end of all that. 

Well, now former Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner will file suit against Wells, according to ESPN, claiming that he was unfairly blamed and defamed in the report. 

The report focused on a culture of bullying created by Incognito and targeting Martin that got so severe Martin ended up walking out of the Dolphins facility one day and never came back. As both player's position coach, Turner's name appeared 90 times in the report. 

The report claims that Turner pressured Martin to "do the right thing," and clear Incognito's name. Turner also allegedly knew about much of the bullying, including slurs hurled at Martin's sister, but did nothing to stop it. 

Turner ended up being handed a pink slip when the report came out, and he's been unable to find work in the NFL since. 

According to ESPN, Turner believes that the "NFL commissioned Wells and Paul Weiss to write a report that would placate the public and assign blame to certain individuals such as Turner, while the law firm was well-paid and well-positioned for future work on NFL cases such as the one that turned out to be Deflategate."

Turner also believes that Wells left out several key pieces of player and coach testimony that would have lessened the amount of blame placed on him. 

The suit will be U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. No word on how much money Turner may be seeking.