Florida Woman With a Knife Chases Fifth-Grader Through Playground

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week. Each Friday, we're here to run down the weirdest. This week, a mother who's a bit too overprotective of her daughter, a bank robber with a sweet tooth, and a man selling other people's property.

Woman Chases Kid Through Playground With a Knife 

A 27-year-old mother with a knife and a frightened 11-year-old is a not a fair playground fight. So it's really no surprise that Boca Raton woman Shakella Quinn wound up behind bars. 

According to Boca News Now, Quinn's daughter was on a neighborhood playground when she got into an altercation with an 11-year-old boy. The girl ran to tell her mother, who emerged from her apartment armed with a knife and chased the boy through the playground. About 50 people witnessed the chase, including the boy's mother, who called 911. 

When police arrived, Quinn denied she had a knife, but the arrest report notes she was holding scissors "in an aggressive manner." The witnesses, however, said Quinn indeed chased the boy with a knife, and she was booked on charges on aggravated assault. 

Bank Robber Takes a Lollipop With Him, Just for Kicks

Someone in West Palm Beach has a taste for a danger and sweets. 

Last Saturday, Jonathan Boston, 30, hit up a TD Bank and passed the teller a note demanding cash. He got his loot, and security footage shows he also took a lollipop from the bank lobby before making his getaway. The delay didn't matter much because Boston made it out without being caught. 

In fact, he was on such a sugar high from the robbery that he decided to try it again Monday. He hit up another TD Bank branch and pulled the same stunt, but without the lollipop. Perhaps the candy from the first heist was his good-luck charm, because the second time around, he was nabbed by police just a few blocks from the bank. 
Man Tries to Sell Neighbor's Car
If you're ever in a bind for cash, it's always a good idea to look around and see if there's anything of value that you could live without and sell. But keep your eyes on property you actually own. Pasquale D'Agostino III, 38, of Silver Springs, was arrested last Saturday after trying to sell his neighbor's car. 

According to the Ocala Star-Banner, D'Agostino approached a man at a Dollar General and told him he had a Mitsubishi Mirage for sale for $600 (or approximately the worth of 600 items at Dollar General, a good deal when you think about it). The man agreed, and the two met up the next day. The man handed D'Agostino $600, and D'Agostino told him to follow him to get the car. Then D'Agostino disappeared. 

The man called police. Turns out D'Agostino was not only trying to sell his neighbor's car but he had also given the man his neighbor's name as his own. Police soon sorted through the mess. The car's owner said he knew that D'Agostino had his car and that D'Agostino used it to try to get money from his father. The father told police he refused to give D'Agostino any money because he knows his son has a drug problem. D'Agostino then told police that he tried the bait-and-switch sales tactic to get money to pay his rent. He was promptly arrested.