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Wynwood Brewing Company's Beers Available in Bottles

On the cusp of Wynwood Brewing Company's second anniversary comes big news:  the local favorite will soon be available in bottles at your favorite store.

The brewery, which turns two years old on August 15, is busy bottling beer for the anticipated August 24 release date, when Wynwood's two most popular beers — La Rubia and Pop's Porter — will be available in bottles.

Wynwood Brewing founder Luis G. Brignoni says having the beers available in bottles will open Wynwood up to a whole new audience.

"Right now, our beers are 100 percent draft," he says. "We're only catering to people who either go to the brewery or restaurants. But there are people who don't like to go out and prefer to enjoy their beer at home, with friends. By offering our beer in bottles, we're catering to a whole new market of consumers who haven't been exposed to our beer before."

Brignoni says the brewery purchased a small bottling unit and will do all the work in-house. Each batch will produce around 250 cases of beer.

"We're going slow," he says. "Little by little, we'll see what the market demand is for the beers, and we'll start upping production."

Asked why the decision to bottle versus canning (which is getting more and more popular with craft breweries), Wynwood's founder simply said it was a matter of space.

"When you're doing two different brands, you have to buy two truckloads of printed cans," he says. "We don't have the capacity for that amount of storage. For us, for now, bottling makes the most sense. A lot of breweries start with bottles and move into cans. It's been a natural progression for us. I would love to do cans in the future."

The bottles will be sold at around $9.99 per six-pack, and will be available at the brewery and select stores around Miami-Dade and South Broward, for now. Although a complete list  of locations isn't yet available, the beer will be distributed by Brown's. It's also been confirmed that Milam's in Coconut Grove will not only carry the beer — it's hosting a launch party on Saturday afternoon, August 24 with tastings and surprises (exact time to be announced).

In the meantime, Wynwood Brewing Company is celebrating its second anniversary on Saturday, August 15. From noon - 11 p.m., the brewery comes alive with timed beer releases, Wynwood special treatments, and special guest taps. There will also be live bands and DJ sets, a featured artist showcase by MOBOSound, and a pop-up photo booth. If you're hungry, food trucks MV My Food Truck; Purple People Eatery; The Original Greek; Mobstah Lobstah; Sparky's Roadside Barbecue; and Liquid Ice Cream will be on hand to sate your appetite. 

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