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Heroes and Villains Assemble for Churchill's Supercon Afterparty

Fans of 1980s Captain America comic books might remember the Bar With No Name. In the superhero realm, it was a dive establishment where colorfully costumed villains could shoot pool, drink beer, plan evil schemes, and talk about that one time they almost kicked Iron Man's metal-plated keister. Sadly, the Bar With No Name is fiction, but for one night, Churchill's will do its best to bring it to life with the Supercon Afterparty.

"We did it last year at the very last minute," explains Vanessa Spatz, whose Master Key Entertainment organized the event. "It was crazy and fun. A lot of the bands and audience came straight from the Supercon still dressed in their cosplay."

"Cosplay," for the uninitiated, is an abbreviation for "costume play," where enthusiasts dress up as characters from the world of comic books, animation, and gaming. These days, though, cosplayers generally dress up as whatever the hell they want.

To help celebrate and encourage cosplaying at the event, Churchill's will give awards for the best and most impressively dressed. "Last year, we had a bunch of homemade, great costumes. We had a guy dressed in a homemade Spider-Man costume who was amazing," Spatz says.

To complement the fantastical getups, the night will be jam-packed with live music. "Most are young, supertight bands. I'm getting messages from bands all over the state wanting to play. If they can make their way down here, we might have to add a second stage."

One of last year's stars was Scary Iowa, who performed a Supercon medley that Spatz says was unforgettable. Acts confirmed on the bill are the Filthy Casuals, Kid Lore, Long Shore Drift, Nigh Horizon, Sound Glass, and Kim Duk Koo. There will also be live artists illustrating anime to make the Supercon attendees feel more at home. In fact, Spatz adds, "most of the bands will be invading the Supercon before they come here."

Let's hope those stupid superheroes don't show up and ruin the good time.

Supercon Afterparty with the Filthy Casuals, Kid Lore, Long Shore Drift, Early Bird, and more. 8 p.m. Saturday, June 27, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami; 305­757­1807; Admission is $10. Ages 18 and up.