WTF Florida: Woman Threatens to Kill Obama So She Can Get Out of Rick Scott's State

Every week, a lot of of odd things happen in Florida. On Fridays, we bring you the oddest. This week: a woman who threatened to kill President Obama so she would get deported, a drunk Uber driver, and a man who reported his motorcycle stolen to cover up his affair. 

Man Reports His Motorcycle Stolen to Hide His "Plenty of Fish" Affair
Wayne Weatherstein, a 45-year-old St. Lucie County resident, met a woman on the dating website Plenty of Fish, and the pair hit it off so swimmingly that they agreed to meet for plenty of lovemaking. This would have been a nice tale of internet dating if Weatherstein didn't already have an unsuspecting main fish back home — his wife.

Weatherstein was running late after his hookup and decided he needed an alibi. So, naturally, he reported his motorcycle stolen to provide one. He called police and said that his bike had run out of gas, that he had parked it on the side of the road, and that when he returned from the gas station, the bike was gone. 

Police, however, found a car registered to Weatherstein's wife just a third of a mile away. When they confronted Weatherstein, he admitted he had made up the tale of the stolen bike so he'd have a story to tell his wife about why he was late coming home. 

Woman Calls Sheriff's Office and Threatens to Kill President Obama and Rick Scott 
Ruba Khandaqji, a 37-year-old resident of Celebration, Florida, called the Osceola County Sheriff's Office with some odd information. 

"I'm going to hire a hit man and kill whomever I can kill," she said. 

"Why? Because it will deport me to my homeland directly," she continued. "Your trash governor is torturing me here." 

When deputies arrived at her home, Khandaqii threatened to kill President Obama and Gov. Rick Scott in an apparent attempt to be sent back to her native Jordan. Instead, she was indicted on making threats against the president and faces up to five years in American jail

Uber Driver Gets DUI on His Way to Pick up Passenger 
Alvaro Gutierrez was stopped by Collier County Sheriff's deputies on DUI charges on his way to a Toys R' Us. The major problem: He was an Uber driver heading to the store to pick up passengers. Gutierrez even had a rum bottle in his glove compartment. WINK news discovered it was Gutierrez's fourth DUI arrest. Uber reps replied that the company's background checks go back only seven years, and Gutierrez's three previous DUIs had occurred before 2003.