Jeb's "New" Logo Gets Trashed by Internet

Jeb Bush unveiled his campaign logo this weekend ahead of his official entrance into the presidential field, and it shouldn't be anything new to longtime Floridians. It's essentially just an update of the "Jeb!" logo he's been using for every race since 1994. Asking my father the meaning of a wall of red "Jeb!" signs spread across a fence was not only the first time I ever heard of Jeb Bush but also some of the earliest campaign advertisements I remember. This mostly sticks in my mind because I was completely unaware that "Jeb" could be someone's actual first name (and to be fair to 8-year-old me, it is not indeed John Ellis Bush's real first name).  Much has been made about the logo's lack of his last name, but that too dates back to his failed 1994 run for governor, when he decided it would be best not to remind everyone he was the recently defeated one-term president's son. 

But the internet doesn't have time for logo history lessons. It has time only for making fun of things, and Jeb's updated logo is no exception.