Miami is the 39th Most Diverse City in America, But Less Diverse Than Ft. Lauderdale

Miami is a big contributor to America's overall diversity, but the city itself isn't quite as diverse as some may assume. A new Wallethub study found that out of America's 230 largest cities, Miami is the 39th most diverse. We're not, as it turns out, even the most diverse in Florida as we came in second in the state behind Ft. Lauderdale. 

Though, the diversity is not just based on racial and ethnic diversity, but also includes other factors as well. Miami's rankings were actually quite diverse. We came in the top 10 in certain factors and the middle of the pack for others. 

Those four factors:
  • Economic Class Diversity, which included both income and educational diversity
  • Ethno-Racial & Linguistic Diversity which included identity as well as languages spoken and country of origin.
  • Diversified Economies, which included diversity of the types of industries present, the types of jobs held by citizen and the class of those jobs (private, public or self employed). 
  • Household diversity which included diversity in marital status, age, household size and household type (married, single female-headed household, single male-headed households, and non-family households). 

Miami's individual rankings: 

  • 159th for economic class diversity
  • 102nd for Ethno-Racial and Linguistic Diversity 
  • 5th for Diversified Economies 
  • 3rd for Household diversity
When broken down further, Miami came in 340th for income diversity (which included cities that didn't make the final ranking), but 10th for education diversity. 

278th for racial and ethnic diversity and 142nd for linguistic diversity. Which, to be fair, its pretty much just Spanish and English here. But we did come in 23rd for region of birth diversity, which makes sense as Miami has more residents born outside of the country than any other city in the world (even if those residents do tend to come from the same handful of countries). 

We also cameo n 29th for industry diversity. 

Hialeah was also analyzed and came in 99th overall. Here's the breakdown
  • 206th for economic class diversity
  • 198th for ethno-racial and linguistic diversity. 
  • 3rd for diversified economies. 
  • 1st overall for household diversity.