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Skirt Club Launch Party Tonight: All-Womens Club for the Sexually Curious

Miami's got lots of things going for it. White velvety beaches? Check. Beautiful people? Double check. 24-hour cabaret club? Yep. All-girls private members network for the sexually curious? Now a thing.

About that last one, it's called Skirt Club and it's launching tonight at Cavalli Club. According to founder Genevieve LeJeune it's every woman's fantasy. She founded skirt club out of a desire to please an ex-boyfriend and frequenting play parties, LeJeune realize she was doing things for him instead of herself. So like any strong woman, she took matters into her own hands and created Skirt Club.

"He was picking out women I should be experimenting with and it really annoyed me because why did it have to be all about him?" she says. "I felt it was unfair."

Originally launched in London in just 2014, Skirt Club is now a monthly occurrence where women (both in relationships and single) can explore and experiment in a safe, private, and above all, classy environment. "Women enjoy glamour, getting dressed up, and going out to drink champagne and meet other women like them," says LeJeune. "There's also a correlation between women who enjoy a risk and are intelligent."

So how does this all go down? It's pretty straightforward, really. You sign up via this link and go through a screening process. "We have a committee that decides and a certain type of criteria. It's a very niche group and for that reason we need to protect the privacy of those who join." So, like a secret sexual society.

Once you've registered (you can put a pseudonym, as long as you put a real picture of your face) and been accepted, all you need to do is show up. Tonight is just the launch, so don't show up in lingerie. "It will be a chance for members to meet other members and develop trust for when the play parties really begin," LeJeune says. That, ladies, will be sometime in June.

As for tonight, there will be free-flowing bubbly, live entertainment in the form of burlesque and contortionists, and open conversation with other women. Things like what makes you orgasm and what kind of women you are attracted to. That way next time you're more acquainted with the group and things can take their proper course.

In a relationship (with a man)? You're in luck — that's actually Skirt Club's target: "Most of our members are in committed relationships," LeJeune explains. "This isn't a threat to the relationship, it's a way to explore sexuality without taking away from your partner."

Matter of fact, LeJeune says most members husbands encourage their ladies to try it out since they know there's no men involved. Real talk: what guy isn't going to want to hear and visualize his partner getting it on with another girl? We're going to go with zero percent on this one.

"Away from the prying eyes of men, Skirt Club parties are designed to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions."

As far as bumping into someone you know? LeJuene assures us that it's yet to happen. Clearly, however, there's a first time for everything. "Membership data shows that the majority of members are bi-curious and seeking their first experience with a girl."

Thought about it? Maybe it's time curiosity killed (for lack of a better word) the cat. 

Skirt Club launches tonight at Cavalli Club. Visit