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Local Brewers Rock at Brew at the Zoo

This past weekend, Zoo Miami got a little more interesting with Brew at the Zoo. Miami New Times' annual celebration of suds was bigger and better than ever, with thousands of people enjoying beer from some of the world's best breweries, good food, and world-class music.

What made this year's Brew at the Zoo shine was the focus on local brewers. From established breweries like Funky Buddha to homebrewers looking to make the big leap to a commercial operation (like Hialeah Brewing Company, which displayed a flamingo-shaped coin bank in case anyone wanted to invest in the business), Saturday's event proved the South Florida beer scene is thriving.  

Miami Brewing Company brought out crowd pleasers like Big Rod and Gator Tail, as well as a limited-release Miami Winter Ale.

While pouring its Rica and Stiltsvilles, the team at Concrete Beach leaked intel about the opening of the brewery's Social Hall, which should be open much sooner than expected.

Spanish Marie's innovative beer-and-dessert-pairing concept was well received, especially the 3'N'Out APA, paired with a lemon curd custard. The tartness of the lemon played perfectly with the bitterness of the beer. 

Hialeah Brewing Company's Eric and Ally were all about locality of flavors, using tropical fruits as inspiration. The best brew was their guava-and-colada beer, which was like breakfast in a glass.

J. Wakefield Brewing poured a unique collaborative beer. Blood Bros — a blood orange Berliner weisse — was made in partnership with Arizona Wilderness using rare Arizona white wheat.

Nelsito's Brew's El Tamarindo was a fragrant and delicious taste of the Caribbean.

Winston Brewery's Brown Pelican ale was a creamy, nutty glass that transported drinkers straight to an English pub. 

Funky Buddha's beers were in demand by people who wanted a taste of the Oakland Park brewery's famous Hop Gun IPA. 

This raptor, a Zoo Miami guest, would have made a great wingman if anyone had asked him. Alternative job: designated flier?

Biscayne Bay Brewing's La Colada Porter is rich, creamy, and satisfying. 

People flocked to Wynwood Brewing Company for the award-winning Pop's Porter.

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery's Dona Rosa guava ale and Tallulah Belgian wheat beers were refreshing porch-pounders for a warm spring evening. 

Cheers to Brew at the Zoo.

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