Niko Javan Turns Pornicopia EP into an App: "I Feel Like a Multimedia Warrior"

Niko Javan’s recent pornographic vegetable EP? There’s an app for that.

The fearless “multimedia warrior” has his hands in music production, visual arts, music videos, and t-shirt design, but he’s still got an uncontrollable urge to push himself to new creative frontiers. He was looking for a new project, a new direction, and when the chance to do some app design fell into his lap, he accepted the challenge.

“I want to make shit that’s new and fresh to everybody else and to me,” Javan says. “It’s kind of hard when you can be making shit that you know you like, because other people are doing it, and other people already like it. It’s really hard not to do that.”

Javan figures, if you feel like you’re being painted into a corner, grab a sledgehammer and knock down a wall. While creating his Pornicopia EP and its title track's NSFW cartoon music video, he started thinking about how he wanted his talents to progress. To date, his vibrantly outlandish graphics have been kind of two-dimensional. In his quest to learn more about optical depth, he turned to some fellow locals: an artist by the name of Virgo and her boyfriend, who put him on to new technology.

“She didn’t make it look difficult at all,” he says. “I was like, ‘Damn, I wanna be just like you.’”

He copped a game engine and spent the next week studying YouTube tutorials, learning to craft his own app while keeping in constant contact over the phone with his new inspiring friends. The result is a bright and simple mobile game, available via iTunes, in the style of Candy Crush or Jewels. Players move pineapples, bananas, and malt liquor to create matches and rack up points.

It may not be groundbreaking for developers, but it’s a fun, free way for Javan to connect with his fans, and it opens a new world for the tireless creative adventurer.

“I don’t feel like it’s impossible to make a sick app now,” he says. “Before, I couldn’t even begin to think, ‘Oh, I know how to do that.’ Now, I can actually make something amazing. And that’s tight. I feel like a multimedia warrior.

“I was super proud of it,” he adds. “I just want to make art. I don’t really care. In the long term, when I’m old, I’m going to be doing so much shit. I’m gonna be designing buildings or something.”

One step at a time, Niko. One step at a time.