Poll: Bush Pulls Ahead of Clinton in Florida, But Rubio Still Lags Behind

There are a surprisingly large number of Florida Republicans considering a run for the White House right now: Former Gov. Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, Arkansas governor turned-Florida resident Mike Huckabee, and Florida-based neurosurgeon-turned-conservative figure Ben Carson. The funny thing is that most polls so far have shown them all being beaten briskly in their "home" state by Democrat Hillary Clinton in head-to-head match-ups. 

Well, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, Jeb Bush has now pulled ahead of Clinton in the swinging Sunshine State, though all the others, including Rubio, lag behind the former First Lady. 

Here's how the Republican field stacks up against Clinton in head-to-head match ups:
  • Bush at 45 percent to Clinton's 42 percent, compared to Clinton at 44 percent to Bush's 43 percent;
  • Clinton at 46 percent to Rubio's 44 percent, compared to a 49 - 39 percent Clinton lead;
  • She's at 46 percent to Paul's 43 percent, compared to a 50 - 38 percent Clinton lead;
  • Clinton tops Christie 44 - 39 percent, compared to a 51 - 33 percent lead;
  • Clinton over Huckabee 48 - 40 percent, compared to 51 - 34 percent;
  • She tops Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 46 - 40 percent;
  • Clinton beats Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas 48 - 39 percent.
Though, Quinnipiac finds that Clinton may be hurt somewhat in the state over the flap about her emails while Secretary of State. Her favorability rating in the state is now a 49-46 split, down from 53-39 in February. Fifty-one percent say that the email issue is "very important" or "somewhat important" in their vote, with 56 percent saying serious issues remain. Though, 54 percent say that a congressional investigation into the e-mails would be politically motivated. 

Meanwhile, the poll finds that 47 percent of Floridians have a favorable opinion of Jeb Bush compared to 42 who don't. Rubio's favorability rating in the state is at a surprisingly mediocre 42-38. All the other GOP candidate have positive favorability ratings in the state except for Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Forty-four percent have an unfavorable opinion of New Jersey Gov. Christie compared to just 30 percent who do. Only 24 percent have a favorable impression of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, compared to 30 percent who have an unfavorable opinion.