Ultra Music Festival

Video: Ultra 2015’s Fans Talk Costumes, DJs, and More

Another year, another Ultra, another man-on-the-street video starring you, the EDM fest attendee.

You braved a lot to have a good time. You roared in the face of torrential downpour. You struggled (or maybe breezed) through heightened security. And you toiled for hours, putting on your sexiest and most vibrant rave costumes. So we at New Times figured you deserved a shout-out of your own, and we got up in your face with a camera to learn more about your personal experience.

Some of you wanted to see Tiësto and Martin Garrix. Some of you wanted to see Bassnectar and Die Antwoord. Some of you were dressed as Pokémon. Some of you were barely dressed at all. Some of you live right here in Miami. Some of you came from as far away as China. Some of you had tickets. Some of your didn’t. All of you were really nice.

On the way in, you had to dodge traffic, religious zealots, Taki street peddlers, and our own snooping reporters. Did we catch you on video? Don’t worry, darlings, you look fabulous.