Miami Skyline Featured on Jacksonville Jaguars' Draft Hat

Don't the Jacksonville Jaguars have it rough enough? They're Florida's least popular and least successful NFL team. They're plagued by attendance and performance issues, and just about everyone expects them to one day maybe by shipped over to London on a permanent basis. To make matters worse, the team's official hat partner doesn't even know which city the team plays in. 

New Era makes the caps that new players put on during draft day, and this year apparently the underside of the brim of the hat features the skyline of every city. 

Yesterday, Tad Dickman, the Jag's public relations coordinator, accidentally made a public relations snafu by tweeting a sneak peak of the cap. 

The problem? That's not the Jacksonville skyline. Like at all. The real thing is quite distinct. There's a nice blue bridge and a very distinct bank building (below with Modis signage but currently with a Wells Fargo sign) that between 1974 and 1981 was the tallest building in Florida. It looks like this: 

In fact, the skyline that is actually featured on the Jaguar's hat looks pretty familiar. In fact, it's a little too familiar. It almost looks like ours ... from a certain angle at least. Oh wait, it is Miami! It's a view of the southern part of the Miami skyline from the Port Boulevard bridge that connects downtown to the Port of Miami.

It appears that New Era may have been using a photo from a while ago when our skyline wasn't quite as full (weren't we cute back then), but many of the most distinct and older building are definitely in that skyline. 

In case you need the world's saddest, ugliest most Photoshop-inept direct proof, well, here...

Sorry about that. 

New Era has since also apologized for their new error. 

It does however appear that all draft caps will feature each city's skyline.
The draft hat for the Miami Dolphins has not yet been leaked or officially revealed. Though we can only hope that New Era has included not only Miami's actual skyline (and not, in some weird twist of fate, Jacksonville's), but an up to date and complete one. And it better be Miami's too. Not Miami Beach or Art Deco outline from Ocean Drive. We've put too much effort into that skyline recently to have it misrepresented.