Miami Man Stopped With $450,000 Worth of Marijuana in the Middle of Wyoming

If a Miamian finds themselves in the middle of Wyoming, America's least populated state, it's probably for very odd reasons. Edelberto Herrera doesn't disprove this hunch. The 55-year-old Miami resident was stopped recently for speeding while traveling through Interstate 80 in the state, and investigators soon discovered that he had 75 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. 

The incident happened March 17 around 7:55 p.m. near mile-marker 85 of I-80. Herrera was stopped by a Wyoming Highway patrolman for doing 87 in a 75 mph (which seems to be normal Miami driving habits to us). The trooper wasn't even looking for speeders, but stopped Herrera's white Ford Fusion when he noticed it speeding up behind him.

Once stopped the trooper became suspicious and requested backup and a drug-sniffing dog, according to a press release. The K-9 officer detected illegal substances in Herrera's vehicle. When officers searched inside the car they found the massive marijuana haul. It's estimated that the pot had a street value of $450,000. 

Herrera was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and felony conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance. He was transported to the Uinta County jail. Police determined that he is indeed a resident of Miami. According to the facility's website, as of press time, Herrera is still in jail. 

Wyoming authorities are still trying to determine where the pot haul came from, and where Herrera intended to transport it.