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Miami Movies Ranked Worst to Best: 10 to 1

We spent the past week counting down the 50 films shot and set in Miami. Let's be honest — some were bad, some were forgettable, and some were just downright offensive. But we're finally to the good stuff. Here are our top ten Miami movies, from comedy to drama and all of the cocaine Tony Montana can snort.

10. 2 Fast 2 Furious

We know what you’re thinking: A Fast and Furious movie, really? If the Fast movies aren’t your thing, look at it this way: The film is fast approaching $300 million in box office sales since its 2003 release — that’s up there when it comes to money in the movie world.  The Fast franchise is in its seventh installment, in large part due to the success of some of the prior films, including the Miami-set version. 

9.  Bad Boys 2

Bad Boys 2 earned nearly twice the money the original film made but was not nearly as loved among critics. But really, who cares? The Bad Boys movies are so damn Miami that it has a special place in our hearts.

8. True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 1990s, action. Do we really need to explain further why this flick is in the top ten? Directed by James Cameron and released in 1994, True Lies made a ton of money at the box office, and you probably still own the VHS tape; seriously, go check your garage right now — it’s totally there.

7. Donnie Brasco

Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, plus a Mafia movie made in the '90s, equals success. This true-story mob-crime drama is along the lines of Casino and Goodfellas and is to this day one of the best from its era. Brasco was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997. 

6. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 has grossed $409 million in North America and $806.4 million in other countries for a worldwide total of $1.2 billion. Holy hell. Iron Man 3 is a Top 15-grossing movie of all-time. That, combined with some lush scenes of Vizcaya, puts it at the top of this list. 

5. Any Given Sunday

Another Al Pacino movie on the list here, but probably not the one you were expecting. This 1999 drama based on a fictional Miami football team is so ridiculous it’s awesome.

4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This 1994 Jim Carrey movie isn’t just a Miami favorite; it’s a classic. People still throw around Ace Ventura quotes to this day, and you know what? Everyone still gets them. The film helped launch Carrey's career from funnyman to movie star, and it still holds up when FXX plays it every other Saturday morning.

3. Bad Boys

The original can’t be topped. The plot might be overdone, but the movie itself will always feel very Miami. Will Smith owned 1995, and Martin Lawrence was hotter than ever too, so the pair combined to attract a huge audience for this film. The last name “Lowrey” will forever be pronounced a certain way.

2. The Godfather: Part II

Sequels aren’t supposed to be as good as the original, but The Godfather: Part II may be one of the rare movies whose sequel actually kicked the prequel's ass. The Godfather: Part II is on nearly every “Top 100 Movies of All-Time” list ever made.

1. Scarface

Sure, The Godfather: Part II  might be a better movie than Scarface, but there's no debate as to which movie is most Miami; it’s Scarface by a mile. This 1983 film scared people when it premiered; Miami was too real for them to handle at the time. Al Pacino movies dominate this list, but Scarface will always be the film for which he is best known. Let's face it: Scarface will forever be the first movie that people think of when Miami films are mentioned. 

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