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Miami Film Festival 2015 Culinary Films: Finding Gaston, City of Gold, and More

Back for its 32nd edition, the Miami International Film Festival kicks off this Thursday, March 4. In addition to films that pay homage to Cuba and French style, this year's festival will feature five culinary movies, each with a very different look at the international food and wine industry. From a Peruvian celebrity chef who's using his fame to ensure a better life for young chefs and farmers to a quirky murder mystery that's fueled by some of the rarest bottles of wine, this year's collection showcases the ever-expanding world of gastronomy and how deeply it affects nearly every aspect of our lives.

If you're hankering for dinner and a movie, four of this year's five culinary showings will offer special dinner pairings. Whether you're mad for documentaries or prefer dinner in a fictional setting, this year's selection of culinary films is sure to please.