Funnel Cakes, Tiki Bars and Burgers on SoBe
Funnel Cake
Some might say South Beach has it all. From decadent restaurants to dive bars and everything in between, there is just about something for everyone in this (in)famous neighborhood of Miami. Giving it some thought, however, there're a few ingredients that would be sure to add to the eclectic mix of The Beach.

A Zeppole-Funnel Cake Stand: What's a beach without a stand serving up sweet, greasy fried foods aimed to please no matter the time of day? Zeppoles - fried balls of dough topped in powdered sugar - and funnel cake - batter poured through a funnel, deep-fried in a circular pattern, and dusted in powdered sugar - are staples of Northeast culture that would flourish along the coast of South Florida.

A Tiki Bar: In a tropical setting such as South Beach, one might assume there would be more of a Caribbean influence. Although typically tropical in theme only and about as Caribbean as a Bob Marley bumper sticker, an ocean side tiki bar complete with wood plank floors, tiki torches, and frozen drinks should thrive in this tourist locale.

In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger: Who doesn't appreciate healthy competition? How about a little Shack Shake shake up by dropping an In-N-Out Burger somewhere in the vicinity of Lincoln Road for a battle of East Coast vs. West Coast burger behemoths?