The Mother Burger, Great Wall of Ice Cream, and More: Five Monster Eating Challenges

Sometimes you're so hungry you believe you can devour everything on a menu and then some. The next time that feeling hits, head to one of these restaurants to take on an epic battle of man and food. Your friends might say they are disgusted after watching you muck down an enormous pizza, juicy burger, or stuffed burrito but trust us, they gotta be impressed.

"The Mother Burger" from Burger & Beer Joint
This 10-pound, angus beef burger comes on a huge sesame seed bun with your choice of two toppings and two sides. If you can finish it in under two hours then it's free. If you can't, this sandwich will cost you $75 and probably misery afterwards. Of course, you can always order the burger to split between friends. It's delivered on a pizza peel and cut using what else but a hacksaw.

Five-Pound Burrito from Sandbar

Sports Grill
This burrito stuffed with "everything but the

kitchen sink" runs you $25. With your choice of chicken or steak, the

burrito gets the rest of its weight from cheese, beans, rice, and

condiments. If you win, your name is placed on the wall of champions for

all the Grove rats to marvel at.


Pizza Challenge
If you want to get a buddy involved, head to

this pizza joint to take on a eight-pound pizza in 45 minutes. Don't worry,

it also comes with a 2 liter bottle of Coke that must be finished before

time is up. Those who prove victorious get a picture on the wall of

fame, a T-shirt, and your money back.


Wall of Ice Cream at Wall's

Old Fashioned Ice Cream
This challenge proves not every eating

feat has to lead you into a grease-induced food coma. Instead you can

fly solo or with a team to attempt to finish twelve scoops of ice cream

topped with two wet and dry toppings, bananas, brownies and whipped

cream. It's hard not to smile after winning this one which is perfect

for your photo that goes on the wall for all fans of this neighborhood

ice cream shop to see.

48-oz. Porterhouse

Steak from Shula's

Steak House

you are the ultimate carnivore? This steak is so big it's brought out

to you on a meat trolley. If you finish the plate in under 20 minutes,

you'll gain entry into the prestigious 48 oz. Club. One member, Taft

Parker, has completed this challenge over 175 times.


go ahead and put your appetite to the test, whether you fail or

succeed, there's no denying you will be hungry no more.

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