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Monday Morning Question: Terrible Restaurant Names


This morning I got started wondering about the worst restaurant names I've ever encountered. I guess the whole thing had its roots in Thai restaurants -- for some reason, this one type of cuisine seems to employ more bad puns and lazy wording than Carlos Mencia. I mean, the first time you saw a place called Bow Thai, you may have thought it was cute. But if I pass one of the many now, I just hope for their sake the food is less generic. Tong Thai is a little more creative, but can't we just ditch the puns and focus on what goes on the plate?

Of course, adding the name of the cuisine to an Asian restaurant might help people who are less familiar with the languages decipher what type of food the place serves. But Thai Thai? Just so you're sure, they serve Thai there, as opposed to Japanese Thai, French Thai, and the ever-popular Namibian Thai.

So what's the worst restaurant name you've encountered in South Florida, Thai or otherwise?

-- John Linn