2011 Miami Restaurant Openings & Closings

We noted the opening of some 100-plus restaurants this past year; only half that number was on our "closed" list. There might be more of the latter: PR firms rarely trumpet the shuttering of businesses.

It was, overall, a great time to be a diner in Miami (you can read why in my yearly wrapup). So many fine new chefs and so many cool new eateries -- and even a slight sense of sophistication -- are seeping into our scene.

Better news: 2012 is shaping up to be a blockbuster season, and, quite frankly, things will only get better (barring unforeseen circumstances, like, say, Europe crashing and dragging the U.S. economy with it or Romney becoming prez and issuing a decree that U.S. restaurants can serve foods that only Mormons like). (Pass the mayo!)

So here, then, is a nostalgic look back at the restaurants that joined us and the ones that left in 2011: