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Art Basel Miami 2009 Restaurant Guide Vol.1: The Design District

If you don't live here and you're reading this then welcome to Miami. Now give us all your money. Seriously, we're hungry out here, and if you are too then here's part 1 of great places to eat for Art Basel week in the MIA.

Here are some excellent choices if you're in the Design District and you've got a mode of transportation besides your legs. We're assuming you already know about the landmarks like Michael's Genuine, Fratelli Lyon, Sra. Martinez, Michy's, Pacific Time, and Pizza Volante, so if you're checking out the galleries or Design Miami, here are some other, cheaper eats north of 36th Street.

  1. Chef Creole - 2 Ave and NW 54 Street - A New Times Best of Miami winner serving up authentic Haitian food live from Little Haiti, just across North Miami Ave from the Design District.
  2. Lemoni Cafe - 4600 NE Second Avenue - Sandwiches and smoothies, dinner fare, new menu, and now serving beer and wine.
  3. Buena Vista Bistro - 4582 NE Second Avenue - A New Times Best of Miami winner for Best Late Night Dining and Best Intimate Conversation.
  4. Orange Cafe + Art - 2 NE 40 Street - Soups, salads, sandwiches. Check the Yelps, people like it.
  5. Churchill's Pub - 5401 NE Second Avenue - Thirty years of music in the heart of Little Haiti. We don't necessarily recommend the food, but it's a great place to have a drink. Check their best ofs, check our behind the scenes.