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Florida Burrito Joint Slammed Over Offensively Named "Wet Back Willie" and "Dirty Sanchez" Dishes

A new restaurant needs to catch the eye of would-be diners quickly. Naming dishes is so important that consultants and PR people make full-time jobs out of this activity. So, maybe the owners of Lola's Burrito Joint in Jacksonville should have pulled out their wallet and hired a professional while coming up with a name for their oversized burrito, because somehow they settled on the "Wet Back Willie."

According to First Coast News, co-owners Carlos Ramirez and Robert Kapuschanski, christened the meal after their dishwasher (and good friend). Kapuschanski argued the name was harmless: "He said, 'Name it the Wet Back Willie after me,' and some people took offense," he tells the station.

After a barrage of comments on the restaurant's Facebook page,

the namesake two-pound burrito filled with Latin beef, cheese,

guacamole, tomatoes, salsa, rice, beans, and refried beans has been

changed from the racially offensive moniker to the plainly

unappetizing "Wet Willie." Still on the menu is the suggestion that you

"double fist" your food.

In case you're traveling up to

Jacksonville looking for a repulsively-named nosh, don't worry. Might we suggest the equally nasty "Dirty Sanchez" (a soft-shell crab

burrito), "Really Dirty Sanchez" (two soft shell crabs in a burrito), or the "Shrimp, But No Papers" (seasoned spicy shrimp)? According to the menu,

Lola also likes "Tossing Salad" and rolling "Double Fisted Fatties."

For those of you not familiar with the Dirty Sanchez, by the way ... allow us to guide you to the Urban Dictionary definition. Here's the definition of Tossing Salad. We'd print them, but we're about to upchuck our breakfast.

What do you think? Funny or out of line? Next time we're traveling through the state, we may skip the Dirty Sanchez, even after a few Margaritas.

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